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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bride Ideas

Ahh, Wedding Shows. We love them and hate them! Those wonderful brides and occasional grooms that wander the aisles have no idea how much work goes into setting up an elaborate booth, and how we just want to wince when someone walks by without even looking! After working on a booth design for a few months, ordering yards and yards of silk, making custom cushions, sewing a custom silk roof draping, we got to the final week of preparation, which means working on floral arrangements, last minute swag bags additions, etc. And then of course, is the 8 hour set-up the day before the show! However, it is all worth it when someone walks into the booth you have so lovingly created, says “wow”and slowly takes it all in. I don’t even care if they end up calling me. I just want people to appreciate the beauty that we create when we have the choice to create whatever we want! That’s what makea wedding shows fun, it’s the chance to showcase your talent, your ideas, your thoughts of what you can do. Of course, there’s also that unsightly costs of a few thousand dollars worth of flowers and fabric, but as in my weddings, if I am going to do something, I have to do it right. It’s a bit of a curse, but I just can’t stand to do something half-a…I would rather just not do it at all. I really love creating someone’s vision, whethe rit is omy own or a bride’s…
So, to all those that came, I hope you enjoyed our efforts!
The show showcased some great talent, such as amazing photographers Stephanie Cristalli, One thousand Words, and Janet Klinger. You can not go wrong having any of these warm, insightful women document your day.
A few great Dj’s from the Seattle DJ Alliance were there as well, and they never do shows - they don’t have to. Choosing any one of the DJ Alliance members to provide the soundtrack for your wedding will ensure for an amazing time.
How many of Trophy’s mini cupcakes did I eat while I was at the show? At least six. And took a box home. Simply the most divine cupcakes. Yum!
Thanks for all who came, I have enjoyed talking with all of you that have called so far! I’ll see you all at our consultations!

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