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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Floral Fridays

(picture via longbeach weddings)

We are starting a new series here at Bella Signature Design, called "Floral Fridays." Ever wonder what's hot right now in flowers? What flowers are in season right now? This series should help answer that, along with pictures, pricing, etc. First up, one of my favorite flowers, Ranunculus. (latin for "little frog")

Ranunculus are stunning, amazing flowers, shock-full of petals and available in a exquisite variety of flowers. They are romantic & lush, and at home with other petally blooms such as peonies and garden roses. They are part of the buttercup family.
Ranunculus are in season now (february) through May, and come in fabulous shades of reds, oranges, buttery yellows and every shade of pink, and white, as well as more exotic varieties like this lettuce-leafed green and picotee varieties, which have different colored edges, giving them a more shabby-chic look.

picture from gothicgardens.comGreen success

Picotee Ranculus

The nicest, fullest raunuclus come out of Italy.

Pricing varies, for the smaller, solid colors one bunch can range from $5 to $10, large hybrid specialties can demand twice that much. I prefer ranunculus in bouquets and other personal flowers where they truly stand out, their smaller size makes their expense more questionable as a centerpiece - although a centerpiece of all ranunculus WOULD be exquisite - perhaps for the headtable? MMM maybe in shades of raspberry, coral and tangerine...