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Monday, June 15, 2009

The "After": Pink and more Pink Wedding

On Friday's "Before" post I showed you some pictures of the blooms we got in for Melissa and Nate's wedding. Well, the Wedding was a huge success, and everything turned out beautifully!
(Bridesmaids bouquets, above)

No one crashed into our van, so the lillies made it without creasing :) The ceremony was pretty, with smilax garlands and orchids cascading down from candelabras, adorned with peonies and lisianthus. The altar pieces were pretty and lush, and asymmetrical which looked great with the light coming in from the church windows.

The Reception was at the beautiful Edgewater Hotel, with it's amazing view and walls of windows! (If only you didn't have to load-in through the lobby!!) That feeling of being suspended over the water - so Pacific Northwest!

Melissa wanted both tall and low centerpieces, with a clean look but a lush feeling. To achieve this we used glass cylinders in two sizes, with the small ones lined with aspidistra leaves to focus on the flowers themselves and hides the stems and mechanics. The tall pieces rested atop tall cylinders, with hanging amaranthus coming down. All the centerpieces featured white spider Chrysanthemums (to get the feeling of the Dahlias she loves), luscious peonies and those lilies (Stargazers, Sumatra, and more)!
Although mums and lilies are often not used in more contemporary design, they worked well in this application -had we used bunches of greens with just lilies or the mums, the look would have been much different. We also added in some fun textures, such as fuchsia coxcomb, for a bright pop of color and shape.
Melissa, a very design-oriented bride, had fabulous paper items, such as table numbers and menus, as well as a fun popcorn bar and the cutest pink paper flowers on each napkin. We can't wait to see the professional photos from the talented Laurel McConnell, and share them with you! We'll share all the fun details, photos and sources. so stay tuned!