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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The perfect Engagement Proposal

Designing the Perfect Engagement Proposal!

Yep, it’s that time of year where men & women in every city are shopping for the perfect diamond, preparing to ask the ultimate question, and give the memory of a lifetime of love and happiness! We at Bella Signature Design absolutely adore weddings, but the only thing more adoring that gets us giddy with excitement and the thrill of weddings to come is the actual proposal. Afterall, without proposals, we’d have no weddings! We all know the stories of a friends’ perfectly planned, well-thought out and rehearsed, romantic proposal, and then there are those that are not as spectacular or well-rehearsed (though filled with just as much love and adoration I’m positive!).

With the holidays just around the bend (ahem…time to get your toosh in gear and get some flowers and a ring Mister!), it’s a season filled with proposals yet to come – and we love love love being a part of the entire process. So c’mon guys…let us help you. We can plan the perfect venue, flowers - centerpiece, décor, drinks, dinner, etc – we’ll set the entire scene so that all YOU need to do is create the perfect words and bring the little ribbon-wrapped box (by the way, we’re incredible at wrapping too…) and we’ll create an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind proposal! We'll even bring a professional photographer, to discreetly capture your once in a lifetime moment! The story of your proposal will be told a dozen times over – why not make it spectacular? (and have amazing pictures of it?) The most memorable proposal I created was down a long dock...we had hundreds of candles lining the dock, and at the end was the most beautiful, romantic lush table, with an exquisitely prepared dinner, a personal waiter to server the couple - and she thought it was just a birthday present, until the waiter served up the ring...Ahh, romance! (Of course she said YES!!!!)

Hmmm, you say you want a few more ideas that we created for our couples?

1. One couple we worked with went sailing on a lake in the city, and as he unfurled the sails, the proposal was written out in tape on the sail - for the whole city to see!
2. Another couple went through a driving safari at a animal park, and the groom-to-be had arranged to have the ring box tied around a bears neck (the bride loved bears), with a hand written proposal
3. An established businesmann was able to connect with tenants in the huge skyscraper office building he worked in, and have the right configuration of lights in offices turned on to spell out his beloved's name and 'will you marry me' - all out of office windows!

The Knot offers insightful engagement tips which we fully support: If you don't trust an amateur to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment, hire a professional photographer to hide nearby.

Can’t fly your beloved to Paris for the New Year to propose? Think about re-creating the romantic scene and getting the ‘yes’ your hoping for.

Got the perfect ring yet? If not, check out these fantastic tips from The Art of Manliness
for some great tips on ring buying! Make sure you pick what she would love – She will be wearing this forever!

We know budgets are tight – hey, it’s no surprise we’re in a recession! With all your thoughts and pennies directed towards the diamond, Bella makes sure your proposal will be just right, and that you get a great return on your investment (ie, she says yes!) It just makes sense to hire a professional to help design your critical moment…The Proposal!

Happy Holidays….oh, and congrats in advance!