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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inspired by: Romeo and Juliet

As a designer, I get inspiration from many sources, the richest usually being other art forms. I love contemporary art, classical ballet, the deep sound of a cello....
The other night I was lucky enough to take my daughter to opening night of Pacific Northwest Ballet's Romeo and Juliet, and I was absolutely stunned by the dancing, the set design, the lighting...the creative part of me was doing leaps and bounds as I sat spellbound, listening, watching, experiencing.

What I love about Pacific Northwest Ballet is that they are not afraid to take chances. Romeo and Juliet is a very classical ballet, and I expected a frilly balcony for Juliet to look down from, heavy curtained sets and lots of romantic lighting. As nice as that may be, I was absolutely wrong, and delighted by the very stark, ultra modern set designed by Ernest Pignon-Enerst that was the ideal backdrop to focus on the passion developing between the two main characters. The set consisted of large, slightly curved off-white 'walls' which moved at times to provide a set change, and were the perfect dramatic backdrop for incredible lighting (by Dominique Drillot), which was often used to hint at the environment, such as the projection of a cross. The combination of the sleek walls, texture from the lighting and definitive, strong moves from the dancers was utter perfection.

The designer in me loved the use of the lighting and the set design, since those elements are more important in successful event design than most people realized. I adored most of the costumes as well, which were part romance, part sleek...
All images by Angela Sterling

The dancing was stunning itself, strong, powerful, sensuous, dynamic. Having been a dancer in the past (my pointe shoes are now safely tucked away save the occasional class and random local performance), I so appreciate the insanely hard work and talent it takes to move your body in that fashion, with that much power, while displaying grace and emotion. The passion and desire between the two main characters was so poignant, it made you want to experience that feeling of new love all over again, that intoxicating feeling of first falling in love with someone and being utterly unprepared....and willing to do almost anything to be with that person. Ah, love.

Which all ties in perfectly to a stunning design we submitted last week for an online contest, also inspired by that incredible feeling of falling in love, titled "Orbital influence") Check it out!

What avenues do you explore for your inspiration? How does that present itself in your art?



Elise October 7, 2009 at 7:37 AM  

this is a great post, and the pictures are stunning !