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Monday, October 19, 2009

Engage09 The Encore - Recap

(images Garrett Nudd Photography)

Myself and Sylvia Weinstock

AH, I am still reeling from the whirlwind of The wedding Symposium, "Engage09, the Encore. "
Compared to Engage09 in the Cayman Island in June, this was more intense, a lot of information rolled into one huge day, and lots of networking on the other days and evenings. I was glad that I arrived a day early, not only to get the opportunity to create some fun floral arrangements for all the speakers, but to catch up with everyone that I had connected with at the last Engage.

(and to make 100 unique, orange cymbidium with slate gray feather corsages....ouch!) Yes, I offered to make corsages for everyone attending - which was a great idea in theory, until I spent my first day in Vegas up until 3am making them - thank goodness for my friends Stephanie at PartyCouture and Jennifer Ederer from Modern Day Floral for helping!! But it was a blast to see a room full of people wearing my creations!

The intensive day was tuesday - boy, was my head spinning by the end of that day! From 8am until 6:30 pm we were presented with business strategies, thought processes and advice from some of the brightest in the industry:

Rebecca Grinnals, originally from Disney Weddings, and now a consultant to the luxury wedding market, both for venues and individuals. Rebecca and Kathryn make up the Engaging Concepts team and have created these incredible symposiums! What a pair of brilliant, inspiring minds!

Sean Low, past President of Preston Bailey designs, and one of the most intelligent, best informed business strategists for creative businesses I have ever met. I have had the pleasure of of working with him one on one over the last few months, and boy, has it changed how I view and operate Bella Signature Design (Watch out Seattle!!) At Engage, Sean made a compelling point in how we as artists need to view our work in a business sense, and how best present our art to our clients.

Sean Low, myself, and Michelle Rago

Simon T Bailey was as inspiring as ever - actually, more than ever. This man is so full of inspiration, it's ridiculous. He speaks all over the country to bring out people's passions, ideas, and give them the confidence to follow through with their business. He always manages to put my life into perspective, from both a personal and business perspective
"treat your family as if they were your clients" (meaning, don't ignore them!) and
"What you don't deal with now, will eventually deal with you." Well said.

Marcy Blum was as wry, hilarious and right on point as always. I adore hearing her insights into the wedding industry!
Todd Avery Lenahan spoke about his design sense, and how he creates his art - some of the most stylish interiors around...It was fabulous to see the process of someone so successful at creating their art, and managing that line between what the client thinks they want, and presenting them with something that exceeds their expectations...a hard line to balance.

What a fabulous group of people I had the honor of being with! I left with new connections, closer friendships and a ton of information to process and put to use! How many more people I briefly talked to but didn't get the chance to know better...there's always the next Engage (back at the Ritz Carlton in Cayman - YAY!)

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