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Monday, September 29, 2008

Covet Mondays: Boring Sydney Millinery

I am a sucker for anything that is truly couture, especially if it is also actually wearable. Now, of course "couture" has become a word that is loosely thrown around. At Bella, we have long used "Couture Floral" in our media, since everything we create is made-to order, custom for each event - no packages, no list to choose from - every detail, down to the ribbon treatment and use of beading from the brides gown on her bouquet is custom...but I digress! (I just despise when floral designers who have pre-designed arrangements and ftd samples call themselves couture - it happens!)

In any case, I stumbled upon local "Boring Sydney's" creations and instantly thought, "This is true couture." A quote from her etsy profile reads "True millinery; hand blocking, creating hat blocks, steaming and building buckram frames is almost a lost art, having apprenticed under a master milliner in the theatre I was lucky enough to learn old world millinery techniques and acquire vintage hat blocks, trims, and fabrics."

Belle both creates finished designs from vintage and self-designed patterns, as well as making custom, couture creations - the old fashioned way. I can't even imagine the work that goes into these! I would love to see one of her designs on a fashion forward bride looking for some unconventional glamour...
I love finding great artists on etsy - and even more when they are local here to Seattle! Thanks, Belle, for your gorgeous creations...I personally covet the black hat - YUM! I want to wear that THIS WINTER!! If I was a bride, I would love the feathery floral headpieces.