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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Covet Mondays: Glassybaby

On our second post of items I covet, I knew I had to bring up Glassybaby. I had long heard about these vessels, these candleholders/mini vases...and the amazing story that brought these glass creations into existence...But honestly, when I first heard the price (and had not actually seen one in person) I thought "wow, $40 for a candleholder." Still, the beauty just from the photographs of these yummy little vessels led me to call them up last month and ask them to be part of a photoshoot we had been asked to do for Bride and Bloom Magazine. Sweet Marissa promptly sent me 8 samples, and I swooned! They feel amazing in your hand - heavy, yet comforting, thick glass with saturated color (there are translucent ones as well!) These are no ordinary candle holders!

Glassybabies come in hundreds of colors, with amazing shades of every hue you can think of. Amazing bridesmaids gifts, thank you gifts for people who helped out at the wedding, or very decadent favors. Best of all, Glassybaby now has a rental program where you can rent them for your wedding! I imagine tables bedecked in every shade of amber to orange, or purple and raspberry...

I so fell in love with these that I bought one of the samples that Marissa had sent - a thick, yummy gray one named "Battleship." Something about the gray glass lit from within reminded me of calm, of hot tea on a gray northwest day. But alas, one Glassybaby is NEVER enough. And with new names like "Molten, Frog Hunting and Windowpane"? I don't know what they will look like, but I am coveting "Molten" just from the name!