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Monday, September 1, 2008

Coveted Item: Dawes Design Bling!

Every Monday we will be featuring a new luxurious wedding/event related item that I would LOVE to own or use at an event...yes, unfortunately I have a long list of coveted items that I dream of - but it's all in the name of work, right? Well, as my luck would have it, I recently actually became the lucky owner of one of my coveted items, so I figured what better to start off our Coveted Monday's with!

I first came across Jennifer Dawes Designs on the fantastic blog Ecochic weddings (which you should all checkout!) The pictures of her designs made me check out her website immediately - and I was in love! Jennifer creates custom pieces of exquisite jewelery, using only recycled gold and conflict-free stones, which appealed to be immensely. We hit it off on the phone, and have worked up a great working relationship since then. When my husband said "why don't you order that ring already you keep staring at" I leaped at the chance - and soon Jennifer was searching for that perfect Peridot. For those of you who know me well, imagine when I saw this giant chartreuse colored gem stone perched on my finger (my love of the color chartreuse borders on obsession).
Once she found the perfect stone, she created the ring, and sent it my way- it was that easy! The setting is gorgeous, the stone AMAZING - I love it, and wear it anytime I don't have my fingers deep in floral arranging...
Next on my list of coveted items by Dawes Design? It would have to be the stunning diamond below - I can definitely see that on my hand! Jennifer has an online catalog that shows a lot of her great designs, and in addition, she will also custom-create items such as bridesmaids gifts (think orange sapphire pendants) or a special gift from the groom to his bride. I have talked to her about some of my brides, and she has come up with some fantastic ideas for the bridesmaid gifts!
Thank you Jennifer, for not only creating stunning jewelery, but doing it in a sustainable, responsible way that allows us to enjoy it guilt-free. I cherish my ring that you created.