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Monday, September 15, 2008

Covet Mondays: ILee Design Invitations

Happy Monday Morning! This week for our "Covet Mondays" I wanted to write about one of my all time favorite stationery design studios, Ilee Design. For years now, Ja has been hand-painting flowers, creating exquisite motifs, and overall creating some of the most beautiful invitations around. I never fail to recommend her to any of my brides, because she always creates something that is stunning, beautiful, and most important of all, truly reflective of the couple. Even when I am only doing decor for a couple (versus planning the whole wedding) I ask them to send me an invitation, as they really set the tone of the event nd really help me get an additional feel for the way the couple sees their day. The wedding I worked on yesterday was no different, and I was immediately impressed when I saw Shannon and Hans' invitation - bound together in slightl iridescent copper stock, in an unexpected sideways, book style, with the most beautiful green fern motif - it REALLY set the tone for an elegant yet outdoor fall wedding. (And boy, did the weather cooperate!) I did not know Ja at Ilee had created them, but I should have known! When I arrived at Kiana Lodge for set-up, I was impressed by the coordinated tablecards, hand-calligraphied escort cards cards (Ivory ink on cooper cardstock - yummy! - see below) and menus - impeccable. Shannon (the bride) and I went on to talk about Ja's many talents, and the appreciation of pulling together all the details into a whole concept that fits together perfectly.
We presented Ilee's escort cards in a ribbon-adroned box full of moss...
Table cards for each table...

I love it when brides create this first taste for their guests, especially when it comes from great artists such as Ilee Design.
See below for some sample of Ilee's creations...